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We help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media. Getting to grips with the world.

Social Media is here to stay on. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, the list will grow. The real question is you really want to make any of these channels work for you. You should be sharing fresh, thought-provoking content that will turn casual surfers into followers. As 65% of those who use the internet are now active on social media, if no presence means you are missing out.

Social Media management


1. Awareness

Create a presence and increase brand awareness within your target market.

Our aim to explore promotional, incentive driven campaigns is to begin with developing your customer base and pursue short term plans for quick results, with a view towards a long term strategy. We will intimate about your business on the digital man power available and how to optimize them for successful social results. Producing content for the right audience then getting into the right channels is core to the success of this stage.

2. Acquisition

Build on your existing online community/group to reach for further conversions via multiple channels.

Our main aim here is to learn and understand more about your demographic, so we can produce custom-built campaigns that focus around mass acquisition options like social advertising on your various platforms. The focus at this point is to position your company as thought leaders in your field, using your current foundation to distribute informative content via shares, and let you reach further.

3. Growth

Harness and develop your existing customer base via effective referral campaigns.

Progress is well achieved by building existing community relations to encourage brand advocacy as well as increasing asset. The campaign is centered on reputation management, including training opportunities to handle your online presence internally. After all, the best tone of voice will be your own. We can help you towards a clear path of getting the most from your channels, assisting you with anything from the initial baby steps of social to the longer media marathon.

We have plenty of experience in executing Social Media campaigns with proven results in many varied industries and sectors

  • Property & Construction
  • Leisure
  • Banking & Finance
  • Technology & Networking
  • Printing
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Healthcare

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