Targeted search and display marketing that push you on top.

The pay-per-click model has revolutionized online advertising and is now important to securing your presence throughout the web. By letting businesses of all sizes to compete on search terms; however fascinating or niche they may be, the best target locations of the search world have been opened to everyone.

Right audience, right time, right message.

MNC’s with huge marketing budgets no longer dominate the search results. PPC guarantees traffic to your site or you won’t pay a penny, and with the correct management and effective optimisation, this can provide results for your business at a maximum return on your investment .

Without expert supervision PPC costs can rise rapidly. Our team know how to make PPC not only effective but efficient. We start by finishing a full account audit, defining areas where we can instantly refine your campaign and save you money.


Our Services Include


Google and Bing listings triggered by traditional keyword searches.
Search marketing consists of bidding on keywords to drive traffic to your website with the help of search results. Accounts need to be set up professionally for better results, as there is need to thoroughly optimize to ensure no waste in budget and maximum return.

Display Advertising

Target your ideal demographic.
The Google Display Network reaches users when they are browsing on web. With strategic targeting the display network ads can be used to promote your business to people before and during their purchasing decision.
It is a cost-effective way to get your brand exposed to potential new customers.


Adverts that follow users who have already visited your website with a re-message to bring them back.
Remarketing work by tagging site visitors with a cookie allowing you to then distribute your advert to them when they browse other websites.
Using remarketing alongside other channels allows you to maximize your initial investment by catching users and bring them back to your site. It is also an excellent way to ensure brand loyalty and engagement.

Our Experience across industries

We have plenty of experience in running PPC campaigns with successfull results in many varied industries and sectors

  • Property & Construction
  • Leisure
  • Banking & Finance
  • Technology & Networking
  • Printing
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Healthcare

Photo Stream

  • Digital Exchange Blogs